What is Nest? Vision and Mission

  • Ordinary investors cannot access high-quality opportunities.
  • Existing asset management infrastructure favors institutional and wealthy investors.
  • Existing opaque financial data is rigid and susceptible to foul play.
  • It’s increasingly hard to trust the high licensing, legal fees, and lack of investor
  • connections
  • Many talented would-be fund managers are restricted due to complex regulations
  • Create and trade portfolios that can exist as unique NFTs
  • Create multi-chain crypto portfolios seamlessly
  • Access gamified due diligence through predictions and micro games
  • Get real-time signals tailored for each portfolio
  • Multi-chain crypto portfolios — Users can create and trade ‘Nests’, decentralizing asset management in a community-first manner.
  • Research to earn — leveraging the wisdom of the crowd and community gamified due diligence for more accurate research.
  • Intelligent Portfolio dashboard — Nest doesn’t just give you the facts but provides real-time signals and insights tailored to your holdings.



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Nest Pro

Nest Pro


Building a wealth creation platform for Next Generation of Crypto.