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The guiding force behind every project is its vision and mission that helps it stay close to its true north and continue development to a sustainable and prosperous future. Nest is a multi-chain platform that combines cutting-edge technology with DeFi innovations to deliver cutting-edge asset management platforms governed by the community.

Nest believes that there is a need for a single, ubiquitous platform that can give the crypto community access to relevant information catered to their requirement in a simplified way to help them make less risky and informed investments.

The Problems Nest is Addressing

Everyone associated with the crypto space has heard the term “crypto is volatile”, which is true, as it is for any other financial market. While most cryptocurrencies, except stablecoins, go through price fluctuations, there are several methods to limit the losses. One of the most common and efficient ways is to create a multi-chain portfolio by investing in different tokens from different blockchains.

Moreover, as the cryptocurrency ecosystem expands, the need to diversify a crypto portfolio is more evident than ever. The growth of metaverse and crypto projects has launched a variety of tokens in the digital space with unique use cases. However, there is one hurdle that investors usually face when diversifying their assets.

It is vital to understand which projects and tokens suit a user’s portfolio and will be beneficial in the long run. To understand the impact of digital currency, the user needs to research and have in-depth knowledge of the industry, which isn’t always possible.

The other challenges that users face while interacting with DeFi trading are:

  • Ordinary investors cannot access high-quality opportunities.
  • Existing asset management infrastructure favors institutional and wealthy investors.
  • Existing opaque financial data is rigid and susceptible to foul play.
  • It’s increasingly hard to trust the high licensing, legal fees, and lack of investor
  • connections
  • Many talented would-be fund managers are restricted due to complex regulations

This is where Nest Protocol comes as a one-stop solution for decentralized asset management.

Nest’s Vision and Mission

Nest Protocol is on a mission to democratize the traditional model and redefine crypto project investments. With Nest, investors can build, trade, and swap into thematic portfolios managed using active asset managers on a multi-chain with a single click.

Nest’s multi-dimensional approach allows users to :

  • Create and trade portfolios that can exist as unique NFTs
  • Create multi-chain crypto portfolios seamlessly
  • Access gamified due diligence through predictions and micro games
  • Get real-time signals tailored for each portfolio

By working relentlessly on its mission of making the DeFi investment space simpler and rewarding for the investors, Nest Protocol will achieve its long-term vision of helping mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

By taking an incentivized approach where users are rewarded for their research and the community’s collective wisdom, Nest is creating a fair and decentralized environment for all investors. To help with this vision, Nest deployed a variety of tools such as,

  • Multi-chain crypto portfolios — Users can create and trade ‘Nests’, decentralizing asset management in a community-first manner.
  • Research to earn — leveraging the wisdom of the crowd and community gamified due diligence for more accurate research.
  • Intelligent Portfolio dashboard — Nest doesn’t just give you the facts but provides real-time signals and insights tailored to your holdings.

Nest is a social-first asset management protocol that helps to create, trade, and manage multi-chain crypto portfolios seamlessly. The project believes that the pace of the crypto market can be overwhelming for investors and simplifies investments by using the collective wisdom of experts to ensure a lucrative growth of multi-chain crypto assets.

Learn more about Nest at https://www.nestpro.io/.

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