Research-to-Earn model Part 2 — Gamifying your crypto earning experience

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Innovations keep the cryptocurrency ecosystem an ever-happening space while generating new revenue streams for the users. One of these innovations that took the cryptocurrency ecosystem by storm is Gamification. Gamification was born out of NFT and blockchain technology and was widely appreciated and adopted because of its ability to reward users for their participation in different forms.

Gamification is the process of presenting an opportunity in a gamified way where the users can participate against themselves or other players to earn rewards. Like in any game, the rewards become higher with the stakes in Gamification as well. The popular Play-to-Earn gaming model was born out of Gamification and has helped millions of players around the world with a continuous revenue stream.

Nest has taken the gamification concept in a unique way by enabling the unique model of Research-to-Earn. The project offers users the ability to earn crypto rewards by researching about a project or token and using that knowledge in micro-games, predictions, lottery, polls, etc.

Gamification — Research-to-Earn Model

Nest is a social-first decentralized asset management protocol that opens up a world of opportunities to manage, invest and develop multi-chain portfolios. It is an all-in-one DeFi platform that has developed an exciting Research-to-Earn model where the users can earn amazing rewards with the help of microgames.

Under R2E, Nest has conceptualized several methods of gathering information in an engaging and gamified environment. One of these methods is using Micro and Prediction Games. The users participating in the R2E model must have in-depth knowledge about the market trends and use that knowledge to predict prices of cryptocurrencies, the progress of a project, etc.

If accurately predicted, the user will get exciting rewards that they can claim. Moreover, to participate in these games, the user is required to burn a minimum number of tokens they earned already (depending upon the game) to get more reward kitty as a winner.

The gamified Research-to-Earn model of Nest is an exciting and unique model where the users have a chance to build their crypto portfolio by utilizing their knowledge.

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Nest Pro is a social-first asset management protocol that helps to create, trade and manage multi-chain crypto portfolios seamlessly. The project believes that the pace of the crypto market can be overwhelming for investors and simplifies investments by using the collective wisdom of experts to ensure a lucrative growth of multi-chain crypto assets. Nest is gamifying the investment journey with their unique R2E protocol.

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