Research-to-Earn model Part 1 — Of the community, for the community & by the community

With the development of blockchain technology, a new vertical of the Play-to-Earn gaming industry became popular. In this gaming model, users can earn cryptocurrencies and rewards by playing games and winning. However, Nest has developed a new incentivized model called Research-to-Earn (R2E), where the users can earn rewards by participating in gamified due diligence.

Nest is a social-first asset management protocol that democratizes the traditional investment model to redefine crypto trading. Nest uses the Research-to-Earn model to gather insights and analysis from its community. This model will unlock real-time sentiment and understanding related to each cryptocurrency.

Research-to-Earn with Nest Pro

The R2E model of Nest has been carefully designed to give the users the most benefit while researching for new projects and tokens. Nest has planned several rewards & benefits for its users to incentivize participation.

  • Nest is focused on introducing & simplifying the crypto experience for novice investors. The R2E reward model institutes the value of research.

Users can avail of these benefits and rewards by participating in the R2E model of Nest. The project has conceptualized several methods to gather information in a gamified environment.

  • Micro & Prediction Games

For example, users can predict the price of a particular cryptocurrency on a certain day or the expected ROI.

  • Crypto Sentiments

Bearish & Bullish, etc.

  • Market-related polls:
  1. Understanding user’s preferred choice of wallet, exchange platform, crypto projects.

The users’ rewards are automatically calculated and made available to the users To participate in the Nest R2E model, the minimum requirements are:

  • The user must complete their profile and link their Twitter account.

Nest has also ensured the security of its users from bad actors by imbuing a thorough vetting process that requires input from users. Moreover, the project has taken additional steps to ensure the sanctity of the data and the R2E program.

The Research-to-Earn model of Nest is designed to provide the users with a hassle-free, secured and incentivized experience to research a project and earn. It is a revolutionary concept unseen in crypto space.

About Nest Pro

Nest Pro is a social-first asset management protocol that helps to create, trade and manage multi-chain crypto portfolios seamlessly. The project believes that the pace of the crypto market can be overwhelming for investors and simplifies investments by using the collective wisdom of experts to ensure a lucrative growth of multi-chain crypto assets.

Learn more about NestPro at

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