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2 min readJan 17, 2022

The creator economy has been a part of our everyday lives before the beginning of the internet. However, the rise of the digital network has boosted the creator’s economy tremendously, giving the creators a fair and global chance to expand their boundaries and engage with millions of users that are a part of the internet.

In simple terms, the creators economy refers to the mix of artists, musicians, designers, creatives and writers who leverage technology to offer services to their audience and are their own brands in existence. Everyone who creates something and sells them independently is a part of the creator’s economy.

The internet has helped in the progress of this type of economy by giving creators a tool that has multiplied their productivity. Another important milestone in the creator economy was the inclusion of blockchain technology. Blockchain technology has opened up the doors for creators to a whole new immersive world of NFTs.

The Creator Economy and Blockchain

While the creator economy has helped people establish their own business online, it is likely they have come across several barriers while starting anew. One of the reasons for this staggering growth is intermediaries and the lack of an independent platform for creators to market their services.

Luckily, blockchain technology has offered a robust solution as NFTs. Non-fungible tokens are digital assets stored on the blockchain and are assigned to real-world assets such as a digital painting. NFTs have blown up in the past few months, and chances are, you have already heard about them. NFTs offer the creators an easy and efficient way to sell their offerings on an NFT marketplace without any intermediaries.

Another way that blockchain has helped the creators’ economy is by using social tokens. Social tokens are cryptocurrency tokens that give the holders access to services and membership programs. While blockchain has helped the creators and the creator economy, it has created a new problem of managing multi-chain assets. Nest aims to solve this problem.

Nest — The Expert Decentralized Asset Management

Nest is an expert decentralized asset management protocol that helps users to manage, grow and monitor their multi-chain crypto portfolios. The project brings multi-chain capabilities, NFTs and RWAs (Real World Assets) integrations on one place using cutting edge technology and make the latest DeFi innovations accessible to investors community.

Nest can help creators by helping them manage their multi-chain crypto portfolios while helping them grow their assets using the power of community research. Nest delivers tailored insights based on a crypto portfolio for the user to make educated choices and grow their wealth.

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