Nest Pro partners with Utrust, a crypto payment provider

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2 min readMar 2, 2022

The cryptocurrency ecosystem is a happening space with innovations happening every day. In the competitive space, it is vital to integrate new services and partner with promising projects to increase the utility of the project and offer the users better opportunities. Nest Pro has been proactive in making partnerships with projects that resonate with its ideology of making the crypto industry more decentralized and fair.

To that extent, Nest Pro is thrilled to announce its recent partnership. Nest Pro, a social-first asset management protocol, has partnered with Utrust, a crypto payment provider. Utrust is a payment solution powered by Elrond that helps businesses accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum along with traditional digital assets.

Nest Pro X Utrust

The partnership between Nest Pro and Utrust is aimed at making cryptocurrencies more accessible to the masses. Nest Pro has developed a multi-chain crypto portfolio management problem that offers investors tailored insights to make educated investment choices.

On the other hand, Utrust has developed an invoicing solution and ready-to-be integrated API & Plugin for eCommerce platforms to provide access to the crypto economy. Using the services of Utrust, a project can offer the ability to accept payments using a variety of digital assets such as Bitcoin, ETG, DASH, Tether, or Utrust’s native token UTK. The platform handles all billing operations, and the merchants will receive the crypto directly in their bank.

Nest Pro and Utrust will join forces to promote the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies by allowing users to pay for services directly using digital assets. The partnership will promote a new era of decentralization and accessibility within the crypto ecosystem.

About Utrust

Utrust offers seamless integration to eCommerce businesses and helps them accept digital currencies and avail of all benefits that are not applicable in traditional payment methods. The project operates in over 180 countries across various industry verticals and supports over 30 currencies.

Utrust cuts out the middleman and helps businesses retain most of their profit margin by charging only a 1% flat fee per transaction. Moreover, there are no border fees or hidden fees. All the settlements are made in fiat directly to the bank account or in a stable cryptocurrency to a digital wallet.

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About Nest Pro

Nest Pro is a social-first asset management protocol that helps to create, trade, and manage multi-chain crypto portfolios seamlessly. The project believes that the pace of the crypto market can be overwhelming for investors and simplifies investments by using the collective wisdom of experts to ensure a lucrative growth of multi-chain crypto assets.

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