Congratulations to the Winners of the Nest Pro Giveaway with Fyredrops!

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2 min readApr 9, 2022


Nest Pro has always been proactive in showing its gratitude toward the community for their participation and support. To that end, Nest Pro constantly conducts giveaways and campaigns, which also allows the users to get their hands on the native token $NSTP.

Recently, Nest Pro hosted a giveaway with Fyredrops, the official airdrops on HyperFyre, a protocol built for Web 3 by Web 3. Nest Pro is thrilled to announce that the giveaway was a huge success and saw amazing participation from the community. The giveaway is concluded, and we are thrilled to announce the winners of the giveaway. Let’s look at the details of the giveaway.

Details of the Giveaway

Nest Pro hosted the giveaway with HyperFyre for the duration of one week.

Date — 23rd March — 1st April 2022

Rewards — $2000 worth $NSTP tokens!

Total Number of Winners — 200 winners

Nest Pro is thrilled to announce that over 2.5K members participated in the giveaway

You can see the list of the 200 winners here.

Note — All the winners must DM Nest Pro on Twitter to claim their rewards.

We congratulate all the winners and take this opportunity to present our gratitude to every single member of the community. Moreover, if you missed out on this giveaway, we will be back soon with another, so stay tuned! Also, follow our official social media handles below to stay updated!

About Nest Pro

Nest Pro is a social-first asset management protocol that helps to create, trade, and manage multi-chain crypto portfolios seamlessly. The project believes that the pace of the crypto market can be overwhelming for investors and simplifies investments by using the collective wisdom of experts to ensure a lucrative growth of multi-chain crypto assets.

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